Join us for the longest-running literary series on the Central Oregon Coast on Sunday afternoons in February.

In 1994, Driftwood Public Library completed its move into its current location at the City Hall building at Lincoln Square. To celebrate the library's new home and to thank the community for all of its support during the transition, The Friends of Driftwood Public Library created a gift for the community. With little resources beyond the income from their occasional book sales, the Friends underwrote the first literary series ever presented in Lincoln County: Oregon Legacy. Each year they have renewed that sponsorship. Every January the library has continued to bring renowned Oregon writers, of both Fiction and Non-fiction, to Lincoln City to speak to local readers. In 2018, the series will be moving to Sunday afternoons in February.

2021 Oregon Legacy authors

Past Oregon Legacy Authors

Sharron Sites Adams, Eric Alan, William Ashworth, Judith Barrington, Ellen Morris Bishop, David Biespiel, Frank Boyden, Chris Chester, Robin Cody, Jane Comerford, Ann Copeland, M. Allen Cunningham, John Daniel, Tracy Daugherty, Camas Davis, Kate Hope Day, Brian Doyle, Monica Drake, Cai Emmons, Sheila Evans, Marilynn Flynn, Clair Rudy Foster, Joelle Fraser, Molly Gloss, Ehud Havazelet, Robert Heilman, April Henry, Lawson Inada, Lauren Kessler, Ger Killeen, Kristin Collier, Jennifer Lauck, Ted Leeson, Ursula K. Le Guin, Craig Lesley, Victor Lodato, Matt Love, Melissa Madenski, Win McCormack, Judith Montgomery, Kathleen Dean Moore, Gregory Nokes, Lars Nordstrum, Terrence O'Donnell, Gina Oschner, Whitney Otto, Ketrina Poole, Naseem Rakha, Barbara Roberts, William Robbins, Peter Rock, Marjorie Sandor, Anna Saporin, Barbara Scot, Twilo Scoffield, Keith Scribner, Sophia Shalmiyev, Floyd Skloot, Jeffrey St. Clair, Kim Stafford, Phil Stanford, Clement Starck, Rich Steber, Garth Stein, Sandra Stone, William Sullivan, Sallie Tisdale, Mlly Best Tinsley, Kathleen Tyau, Vanessa Veselka, Willy Vlautin, Steven T. Wax, Kate Wilhelm, M.K. Wren, Lidia Yuknavitch, Leni Zumas.